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General Equipment Rental

A leasing fee is required for all equipment. In the event that equipment is damaged, not returned, or loss this fee will be used to accommodate the value of the lease. Leasing fees range between $50 - $250 depending on the product and volume. This fee will be added into your bill and returned to you after equipment has been successfully retrieved.

All rentals are based on a twenty-four hour period of time.



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Vendor Partnership Terms and Agreement

Vendor Name*

Vendor POC*

Email Address*

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Vendor Business is Insured*

By submitting this form you are committing to be in attendance for this event and assuring that you and your staff will uphold yourselves in a professional manner.

When participating in events sponsored by EPICuisines please be aware of our business disclaimer which states:

Rain or Shine, No Rain Out Date. EPICuisines is not liable for damage or theft of your property or merchandise. While EPICuisines is not liable for injury to you or your patrons, we will have hired security onsite in efforts to secure your safety. You must provide your own vendor insurance or liability protection policy. Donations are none refundable as the reason for the cause will be pursued and the funds will be donated as promised.

Vendor booths consist of table, chair, cloth on pavement under a pavilion.

Fitness/Trainers will select a workout area on the lawn of the park in addition to booth table.

Please submit a copy of your business logo to so that it may be displayed on all social media resources and promotional material.

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For additional questions please contact EPICuisines at 832.674.5507

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